It takes time to learn how to deal with your hair but after that you will enjoy you it a lot. I have a huge head full of curls but believe it or not I find it so simple to deal with it. It doesn't bother me at all anymore, it's difficult for me to imagine myself without my curls now no matter how frizzy they are. It's just a matter of time and learning to like your hear and what it does, just like a child no matter how tiring or different he or she is you will always love your child.
A Mediterranean 3b lady
In love with my curls, love love love
CG since Nov/07

Co-Wash: VO5, Tresemme naturals, Fructis naturals
Cond: Nature's Gate conditioners
Stylers: Lotions made at home with coconut oil, honey, AVG, vegetable glycerin, OO, and EO.
Gel: LA Looks sports gel for high humidity days.

Hair goal: Waist length healthy curls