I'd love for y'all to share your yard and/or garden pictures!! I love, love seeing what everyone is up to in their yards and if anyone's thumb is as black as mine. So, please feel free to share your pictures here.

We finally got our raised bed ready for planting this afternoon by adding some compost. We put in four types of tomatoes: early girl, an heirloom I forget the name of, sungold yellow cherry tomatoes, and sweet 100's. We also planted patypan squash and strawberries which are both new to me in growing. We put in seeds for bush beans and snow peas so we've got to get a trellis built for those in the next couple weeks.

I also added some new plants to the yard and to the container my maple is in. Those are achillea 'pink grapefruit', silver mound, and curious orange monkey flower.

If these pictures are too large will y'all let me know? I know they're big, but on my screen they're not so large they make the thread go wonky, but not sure if that's the case for everyone else.

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