Everything work out. The piece was actually two pieces. they got the top piece but the lower piece would had to involve them cutting me to get to it. the dentist said it will work its way up then i can come back and have it taken out as well. i didnt have to pay for anything yesterday and if i have to go back for the second piece i wont have to pay.

Sidenote: I go to the dental school because I still have to pay 20% for all surgery procedures. To have all four wisdom teeth removed where 2 were impacted, and the gas (oh the lovely wonderful gas!) was less then 900$. Anywhere else would had been that per tooth. the dental school is actually very good. i know several folks who goes there and even my dentist suggested going there as an alternative, because of the percentage i still had to pay. There's also options to see dentists. they are also really nice and make you feel super comfortable. Not to mention there are some hotties at the dental school! Humina, Humina!!