Becca7, HG or not your hair is beautiful! It also looks similar to mine, so I'm really curious - what is your routine?
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Wow, thanks! In this picture I was using Suave Everlasting Sunshine conditioner as a co-wash, detangler, and leave in. The blue LA sports gel--scrunched in and plopped for 30 minutes; then diffused dried. That pic was actually the very first time I used a diffuser.

I just bought Tesseme natural Avacado and Aloe and As I am coconut co-wash--my hair looks and feels so soft and shiny, I think those two are for now my hg conditioners.

Oh and I just had layers cut in--by a non-deva stylist--wet cut just like a regular old hair cut. I think my hair is no elasticity, dense, fine-med texture, and low porosity.