Need to vent. This is the place, yes?

I am a CPA and have been for a long long time. I do not have control over the tax law but yes I do need to operate within that law. I can not pick and choose which laws I apply to your tax return. I can not change the EIC laws just for you. No new guy calling, I can not prepare your return today because you are going on vacation and suddenly realized that you needed to file a tax return. I have returns stacked up in line that are weeks ahead of you. I'm happy for you that you're a long time client of my office mates but I would need to file an extension for you. And, of course, the worst for me is that most of the people that wait until zero dark thirty owe money and b$tch at me because its the last minute and they owe money??? My head feels like it is going to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!