Sooo....after weeks of research I finally settled on ingredients and products I wanted to see if our local Sally's Beauty carried. After reading labels I settled on a denman brush, As I Am coconut co-wash conditioner and the moisture milk.

I went to buy my items and the chick at the register asked me if I had the right products...I said yes why. Her response "You're not black".

I just stood there a moment with "WTF are you stupid" look. All I could say was "Really...I hadn't noticed". I am super ghostly pale white girl with wavy-curls. After I got in my jeep, I did kinda wish I told her I was black just because she asked me that.
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You should have said "So the Germans would have you believe" and arched your brow at her as you left. That would have really freaked her out. Lol.