I will keep you updated! I'm visiting London soon so I checked the internet and it seems that there are some stores selling Aubrey Organics. My boyfriend suggested that I just find one, buy a bottle, try it while we're still there and get one or two more bottles if I like it :-)

I actually haven't thought about what it says about you guys but I think it's great that you have such a variety to tend to so many people's preferences and needs. It also seems to me that the whole taking care of your curls-thing is more alive in the US than anywhere else. If you google for information in Dutch on sulfates and silicones, you barely get any hits (good news: people will (hopefully) find my website because I'm writing a series about taking care of your curls).

I'm always very curious to the US because I study English Language & Culture and I have a British accent but it seems that British culture is so close whereas the US feels much more 'abroad' if you get what I mean. I only know one American and the rest of my ideas and observations about the US are based on what I see on tv.

However, this is an American website and I honestly have never encountered a message board where everyone is helpful and kind. I'm moderating one in the Netherlands and it's a lot of unkindness and negativity (which is why we moderate it :-P).

But, back to hair. I carried off with my fascination for other cultures.
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