Murrrcat, I would not doubt the invisible flying tank theory.

Have you ever loathed someone with every single fiber of your being and not been sure why? It's so strange. I really dislike, okay more than dislike, every woman in a specific family in my county. I always have, and they hate me too. This will sound strange but it feels like a result of some really old bad blood between each other. I can be in a crowded room, feel something, turn around, and one of the (insert last name here) girls will be standing there, looking at me. It's not like they are sweet or anything. Haha. If you have seen the Stanley sisters on MB***W, or Gypsy Sisters, yeah that's just like them. They want to pick fights with people, non stop, but will back down from me. They won't even try. Anywho, I just saw two of the sisters from my generation in the store, and as always, it was a kodak moment.

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When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??