Hello all!

This is my first time posting here in a few years. My hair has been through a lot the last few years (ie way too much fun with hair dye and flat irons) and is now very fried. When it is wet it is very curly and looks lovely, but despite the fact that I use gels, serums, Leave in, it just dries into a mostly straight but frizzy mess. I have switched to an alternating no poo/ low poo regimen, and plopping for about 30 mims after.

It is very porous and medium to course and fairly thick. When it is wet I believe (though not certain) that it is a mix of mostly 2b and 2c, with a few 3A (see photo) curls but once it dries all of the curls fall out to be a very frizzy looking 2A.

Last time I was doing CG I ended up with a head of 3B curls. But this time I am having major issues. Any one have any suggestions on how I can maintain my curls/waves once the hair is dry?
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