For whatever reason, I stopped getting emails about people posting to this thread, and for that I'm so sorry!

But, I'll try to respond to q's now..

ive found this all very useful, however like most people im still figuring it out.

im using shampoo with a low listed Sodium Myreth Sulfate like #10 on the list. i wash once a week and condition maybe 5. so i should stop the shampoo or find one with no sulfate?

my conditioner has proteins Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and soy, is this bad? how do you find out if your hair doesn't like these things when so many have a protein.. how can i start totally natural..
i see the bs and acv rinse as a wash but how about conditioner?

then when you figure out texture and such how does that lead you to product? ugh
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I think a low-listed sulfate is fine, but no sulfates is ideal. The wheat and soy proteins caused build-up on my hair, but here's an article with more info on proteins The Best Protein for Hair

Honestly, most of it is guess and check. I tried all the different types (cream, gel, mousse, jelly, etc) and took pictures. ALWAYS write down all your steps. I looked back at all the pictures and followed the steps for the results I liked best

i've been cowashing for two weeks now and i've already noticed the difference, wish i been doing this my whole life. I defiantly recommend it to anyone who hasn't been doing it.
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Right! When I first started cowashing it made SUCH a huge difference in my hair!! Fantastic

Hey everyone im new to the whole taking care of my curly hair and now im going into highschool and i want to tame my hair. I have type 3b/3c hair and im just wondering what are some really good products I could use and also a deep treament.
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I'm a 3a, so I'm not too sure as to what would work best for you, but I would suggest having a look at the 3b and 3c boards - the 3a board helped me soo much when I dived in!

i would love to thank you for your post. It is true this site has so much information but takes forever to find it all if you are new like me. I just opened a new post but may be you can help me out in few words . i have been using wen for a year. yes yes i know waste of money but did not know of this site. so after some reasearch i went and bought the cheapest stuff VO5 strawberry conditioner and Suave naturals. Any suggestions if its ok to start, and which one for cowash and which for leave in, and if i use aveda humecant pomade should i not do leave in ( based on ur other reply)? also do you find its better to use gel before or after plucking?> i have wavy somewhat coarse hair that lovee to freaze. Thank you so much again
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I know this isn't what you want to hear, but.. you have to experiment =\ I can't say that one will work over another, it's all guess and check. But it's fun! Take pictures, write down all your steps, and replicate the steps for the results you like best!

Thank you, this thread has been very helpful! So much information here on NaturallyCurly! =)
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You're welcome!

Thanks so much for this post. Just incase anyone hasn't said it yet, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! No actually, YOU ARE BETTER THAN THE BEST, YOU ARE THE BESTEST!! <3
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D'awww You're too sweet

Thanks so much for posting this! Definitely a lot of useful information. I'm a newbie here, with type 2b waves (some 2c, I think.?). I actually just started the CG method yesterday, so this is super helpful! I'm just starting to really try to take care of my hair and increase my curl, so any tips are appreciated!
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Wow, awesome! I bet your waves will get tighter after this method!!
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