It's in my signature - just not linked Also - my twitter is @TheIdleBindery although I warn you - its brand new and I don't tend to post all that often on twitter generally! :S
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We definitely understand you wanting to share your happy news with the curlies, who have been supportive and have encouraged you throughout this journey. We think you've accomplished that.

Although some of you might disagree, this thread is in violation of board rules and will be locked.

DON'T ADVERTISE. Please help keep our community "commercial free." Never post any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or promotional items, junk mail or "spam." Soliciting may include promoting a home business, charity drives, items for auction, etc., as well as information such as a contact address or web URL.
This is not a new rule and it is not open to interpretation, yet you still have the information in your signature, kat. You need to remove it. I don't know if any of you remember Lisann, but she was asked to remove her Etsy information from her signature and this was years ago. We cannot make exceptions for any of our members. Also, any Etsy spinoff threads will be deleted.

If you haven't created a FB page to spread the word, you should. Many curlies are on FB and can help promote your shop. Also, as I posted upthread, members can PM you for more info, if they so desire.