Sorry guys - I'm not allowed to even mention or discuss my artwork or bookbinding on the boards from now on. Nor is anyone else.

I can't link to Etsy because its considered promoting but I can link to a FB... which promotes my shop?

Well. It was fun discussing it with everyone while we could!
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Thumbs down to this policy. Here we have a member succeeding at creating her own non-competitive-with-NC business and she can't even talk about it. This is an exaggerated reaction on behalf of NC.

If she was selling hair products, perhaps I could understand it. But she isn't: she's selling art. Her own art. Art that in no way competes with NC, its products, or its mission.

I think many of us enjoy hearing about Kat's well-earned success. This clampdown should be reconsidered.
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Well I don't know if they're gonna be that strict about the whole thing, but I'm kind of getting that vibe from the whole 'any other thread will also be shut down' and 'people can pm if they want to contact you'.

A shame because it was fun chatting about it all with everyone. C'est la vie.
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I understand the rule. It's black and white. But how it's applied is NOT. What sandals are you wearing? thread: I asked spring1onu what kind of sandals were in 2 photos she posted and she told me the brands and either provided new links or the photos were links themselves (I don't remember...) but that violates the rule. So does whoever recently posted about a Maidenform bra sale going on. Just like when Rou posts about Mac products coming out new or going on sale. Same thing when I asked someone on the needle, hook thread where they got the pattern they used to crochet a cowboy hat for a baby, and they provided me with a link to an Etsy store and the product. ALL of them are promoting a certain product, thus they all are actually advertising. So why are some allowed and some are not??? Is it self-promotion that isn't allowed????? That's not in the rule itself.

If you aren't interested in a bra sale, or a Mac sale or a new Etsy store, you just don't click on that thread.

No one felt pressured to buy from kayb, I am certain of that. We were supporting her emotionally, cheering her on. And some of us are super excited about upcoming things that don't even exist yet which we dare not name!

I think it's worth repeating: If you aren't interested in a bra sale, or a Mac sale or a new Etsy store, you just don't click on that thread.