yes i have found such a simple method which seems to be working at the moment, and yes it only includes one styling product. however, i know some people may be thinking, this curly needs a leave in to moisturise, however my hair is healthy and shiny as i use a lot of condish (tresseme naturals) and i deep condish regularly.

so what i do is jump in the shower, around evening time, about 8 o clock. i apply a load of condish, let in soak in for about 20 mins. i also comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb while in the shower. i then jump out the shower with my hair dripping wet,and then gently blot it with a cotton tshirt. i then generously apply a lot of strong hold gel, and thats it, done. i then leave it to air dry. overnight, i fan it above my satin pillowcase, and when i wake up in the morning i have voila, soft, shiny, defined curls that are ready to go.

however, this is just how i do my hair, it may not work for others, it may need modifying for others, and it may be a complete disaster for others too, but its worth a try.