I'm trying to fit together the pieces of the hair properties puzzle and I'm a bit lost right now.

A few months ago, I thought my hair properties were: coarse, low porosity, high density, didn't look at elasticity.

Accordingly, I bought a conditioner that has lots of emollients since coarse hair is supposed to like them. I accidentally also bought a gel that has a lot of protein. I expected my hair to looove the conditioner, but to hate to gel because of the protein, thus ending up with straw-like curls. None of that happened. My hair was weighed down, limp and fly-away, and I discovered this was because I overconditioned.

I figured my hair must be fine. It definitely behaves like fine hair. But then porosity was still puzzling me because my hair hasn't seen any heat for years, I never coloured it whatsoever. I've been natural for three years now, so I couldn't imagine I have high porosity. Also, if I sprayed water on my hair, I saw lots of beads on my curls, so for these reasons I figured it was not porous at all.

Then I did the strand test for the millionth time and even let some other people tell me what they felt when doing the text on one of my strands. Everyone feels some bumps and texture, so I'm guessing my hair has high porosity, yet the inherent kind.

What puzzles me is what I should be on the look-out for when it comes to picking my products. My hair obviously does not like oils, but it probably will like protein. I will get Aubrey Organics GPB as soon as possible and see how my hair responds. I'm just wondering about how high porosity hair responds to emollients, oils and protein because I observe my hair very closely to see what it needs, what it likes and dislikes.

Just to summarise: I think my hair properties are fine, high porosity, high density and normal elasticity. I am very confident about density and elasticity, the other two I still have to get used to because I was convinced my hair was coarse and not porous at all.

I have read many articles and topics already but that just does not suffice to answer my question. Curious to hear your experiences and observations!
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Fine, low porosity, high density, normal elasticity
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