So true. But it is tv

On another message board someone posted they thought Olivia and Fitz looked at each other hotly in the hospital. I thought she looked creeped out.

I hope jake is a good guy.
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She looked creeped out to me too and confused. I think Jake is s good guy working a job that is in a gray area. I also think he actually cares for Olivia maybe because their work is similar.

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I second this. She was repulsed when he came to her bedside as if he didn't talk to her like she was dirt the last time they spoke. Fitz has been a complete jerk the last few times he reached out to her and she is now getting on with her life with Jake. Jake has loyalties to his job so I think that's why it's a bit complicated for him, but he can be good for Olivia.

I'm really waiting on the Jake/Fitz confrontation for Olivia. But I really think Fitz forgets that he's married with kids and he doesn't even factor into a real future with her.
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