Creeped out for sure!

Scenario: You sleep with a new guy then find out he's got a huge multi-screen set up of video of your home in real time. He basically attacks you ( from your perspective, anyway) and you pass out end up in the hospital with him basically telling you to lie about what actually happened. Then your ex walks in and you see them shaking hands.Bing Bing Bing!!! All kinds of stuff starts coming together.

No way she was hot for Fitz at that moment! She was probably confused, scared, in pain, and on drugs!

I liked the juxtaposition between the four different couples (David&Abby, Cyrus&James, Olivia&Fitz, Mellow&Fitz) and the truth/lies of their relationships. It was really interesting the way each one was on completely different parts of the spectrum. I think each character's opinion was valid in its own way and lackluster in another. Fitz's viewpoint was a little rough/condescending when talking to Mellie. He really makes her out to be worse than she is, in my opinion.

Blahhh 3 weeks! At least I'll have something to watch when all of the spring shows go on hiatus. Sometimes summer television us atrocious. I think a lot of season finales will be around the end of May but we will still have 3 or 4 espiodes of Scandal left. Yippee!