I have troubles with this too. I know my hair is pretty dense has almost zero elasticity- I don't know why- and I'm pretty sure it's medium texture, but I don't know about porosity. I do the strand test and I feel like... Little Kinks or bumps or something, but it squeaks almost invariably. Plus I've never color treated my hair and hardly ever straightened it, maybe once in the past year. But it feels dry so often! I just did an overnight DT and while I was doing it one little strand that was hanging out from my shower cap curled up to maybe an inch... And that same hair right now is hardly even wavy after rinsing out my DT and styling this morning- I kept track which hair it was, I was so excited by it!! So anyway I don't know. I want to get that curl back though!
curl type: 2c/3a
porosity: low
hair strand width: medium
density: thick
elasticity: low-normal
Shoulder length

Ready to get back on the CG bandwagon!