Thanks for that video! She does so many things that I thought would result in bad hair - products in damp instead if wet hair, all that flipping, and all that touching the hair with the diffuser - but her hair is gorgeous and not frizzy at all. And its dry in 15-20 minutes, versus the 2 hours it takes my hair to dry! Although her hair looks to be low density when wet, she has a TON of volume when her hair is dry, which I really like. I think I have some experimenting to do with my styling routine this weekend!
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Rustina, I apply products to soaking hair myself, so I can't say much about her application. But the way she diffuses, omg, that was a game changer for me. I love the volume and the shorter drying time. I can't air dry AT ALL, if I step outside with wet/damp hair its like the humidity sneaks in or something: it turns out awful and flat plus it could take a whole day to dry. I hope the experimenting works out! Good luck