Very interesting thread, I was surprised to see how many curlies diffuse with low heat. My hair would never, ever dry like that I always use high heat, low setting for my hair. I never air dry, and so far I don't see any discernible damage to my hair. I have been curly for 15 months, and diffuse 2-3 times a week. When I first started I diffused every day. The breakthrough video for me on diffusing is here
How To Style Naturally Curly Hair (complete tutorial) - YouTube
Before watching this, I had flat roots and weird clumps all over the place but I think the flipping gives me more natural placement of the curls.
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That's so funny you posted this because my pal Skorpio recommended Meza's styling videos to me last week and I watched seven in a row the other night. Could not sleep thanks to all the curl envy! But I didn't even see this video. This is much better than the others I watched. I want to give it a try but I'm afraid. It is not fair though. I just have a bad feeling all that flipping would make my hair frizz. I mean my hair hasn't been frizzy since I went CG but I also feel like that is because I'm very gentle with it. This Meza girl can rake and tousle and shake every which way like it's nothing. Maybe because her hair is fine?
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