-As I was soaking in my magnesium bath I thought to myself that I really need to get Epsom salts because a magnesium bath is way too expensive. And all of a sudden I realized I'm 38 with sciatica and taking soaking baths. When did this happen?

-I found a pair of leggings I forgot I bought and put those on after my bath (sooo comfortable, OMG must buy more for around the house) and Mr. Spring (who never notices ANYTHING) said "Cute pants!" in that tone that men get when they're being naughty. I said "These are leggings, not pants."

-We had to take Lactaid back to the grocery to exchange it because it tasted like white water. We've been drinking the same milk for several years now and it's always been good. The one we exchanged it for? White water, again. WTF Lactaid! So now I have to eat cookies without milk*. #firstworldcookieissues

*upon the completion of this post Mr. Spring saved the day by adding half and half to almond milk for us to have with the cookies. The look of horror on my face when I said "How MUCH half and half did you put in it?!?" must have been funny to him.

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