Thank-you all so much for the suggestions.

I am a very active strict vegan who drinks mostly only water, and sometimes an almond milk latte. No alcohol, dairy, juice, pop or refined sugar. I drink 3-4 litres of water a day and take vitamin C, D, B and E supplements, as well as flax oil (omega 3s). Don't think diet is the problem.

My hair is medium - coarse, high porosity, and high density.

I am a runner so I wash my hair every day. 5 out of 6 days I do a co wash with treseme naturals conditioner and then condition with JessiCurl Too Shea! When I get out of the shower I use organix coconut, keratin, and silk anti breakage formula, followed by Live Clean Fresh Water Intense Moisturizing Leave in Conditioner, and then I scrunch in KCCC, treseme curl gel, and garnier fruictis pure clean gel.

Once a week instead of the treseme naturals co wash I use the live clean argon oil restorative shampoo instead, followed by the Too Shea! And then I do a hot oil treatment with EVOO, coconut oil, and argan oil.

I am considering going for the big chop and starting fresh but I like my long hair I haven't had any sort of hair cut in about a year so I am hoping that just trimming the ends off and no more hair dye might help.

Can anyone suggest a good protein treatment? I also can't remember what I used to use as gel with KCCC, any suggestions?

Back when my hair was healthy (and its natural colour) I could do anything to my curls, sigh
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