I always sort of wished we had to do the rope climb that was always part of the dreaded gym class repertoire on TV. No doubt it would've sucked to actually have to do it, but still. Climbing things sounds way more fun than push-ups and junk.

Blaaaaagh, tears drying on your face are worse than the stiffest face masks because as far as I know, nobody uses tears as a beauty treatment.

The family got together for dinner last night for the occasion of Grandma Said So and when we were the only ones in the room, my uncle asked me if I had plans for "becoming independent again." I told him some stuff that was pretty vague but hopefully enough to make a good answer because I couldn't say anything relating too closely to what the actual problem has been. Come to think of it, my uncle isn't exactly known for his tact, so his phrasing and how non-judgmental he was really shows how good he is at being an uncle. I wish he'd be as good to himself and embrace the idea of letting emotions out.

I got up into Crow pose for longer this time and I felt much more solid in the position. Also, I'm actually starting to see/feel some nice bicep action going on now! I'll have a sweet pair o' guns to show off in no time.

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