it is an interesting thread...I have been CG for 8 months and I pixie diffuse every time I wash(every 2-3days) I quickly diffuse each am to reset my curls...So my routine I do at night…is to plop for 30-45mins then diffuse in sections for 3-5 mins each its appx 25-30 mins of total diffusing time... I leave my hair crunchy and pineapple overnight…Then in am I mist with water, re-scrunch areas to re-clump and diffuse for 5-10 mins total(appx 1-2mins each section)...I do use the low heat setting...When I first started…I thought for sure I would have heat damage by doing this…But I only have VERY minimal split ends…which is probably from my old bleached hair and not heat damage….And I have not had a cut since no other than the AMAZING Tiffany from live curly live free!!!!...Good topic with great info on the multiple ways to diffuse hair…
2b/c CG since 8/12
I have low porosity and fine/med texture. Easily weighed down and VERY frizzy crown, with straighter under layers

Low-poo:TJ TTT, CJ GCS
LI/RO/DC: CK Satin Roots,Sevi Pumpkin, SSI Okra reconstructor, CJ SAC,CJ RM
Stylers: AG Recoil, JC SS
Jellies: CK Coil Jam, Okra gel(HG)
Gel: JC CC, Ouidad H&H gel, Ouidad moisture lock gel

Hair loves moisture protein.
MUST Pixie diffuse.

My hair dose NOT like oils, butters or polyquats Or glycerin in high dews