That's so funny you posted this because my pal Skorpio recommended Meza's styling videos to me last week and I watched seven in a row the other night. Could not sleep thanks to all the curl envy! But I didn't even see this video. This is much better than the others I watched. I want to give it a try but I'm afraid. It is not fair though. I just have a bad feeling all that flipping would make my hair frizz. I mean my hair hasn't been frizzy since I went CG but I also feel like that is because I'm very gentle with it. This Meza girl can rake and tousle and shake every which way like it's nothing. Maybe because her hair is fine?
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LOL that is exactly how I felt when I watched this vid... I couldn't sleep, I wanted that hair! As far as the flipping goes, I am very gentle with it especially before the curls are "set". Once I feel that the gel is forming a cast I go ahead and ruffle my roots a bit. This is the part that takes forever to dry and if I don't flip my hair just droops. But for the most part if the diffuser is touching my hair, I leave it in for a few seconds pretty much the same as pixie diffusing. I don't rake or tousle my hair when applying products. I tried it today, just for the sake of trying. My hair is currently in a bun. Worst hair day I've had in months

Fine hair vs coarse hair plays a huge role in diffusing, I tried the exact method that Meza does, with curl keeper. oh my god, my hair was everywhere. I have coarse hair on top and medium/fine hair on the bottom of the head. so it was a big no no for me. I thought I could get away because of the length of my hair, it blew the frizz out of me.

@Marci: good to see you here after a while
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Good to see you too CIG It has been quite a while I'm regular on the boards. But guess what, Miami is starting to get humid again... I will def be around, trying to battle the frizz monster! How has your curly journey been?

I was wondering, in the video she finger twirls her curls... would that be what makes her hair look so curly when dry?
My hair looks a bit (but only a slightly little bit) less curly than hers when wet, but really waaaaaaaaaaaaay less curly when dry...
But I don't finger twirl my curls...

Who here does finger twirl? And does it make a lot of a difference? And does it take a lot of time?

Now most of the times I airdry, but when I don't have a lot of time I diffuse so I can cut the drying time to 2-3 hours instead of 6+ hours
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Neleke, I finger curl selected sections that aren't clumping just right. Unfortunately I am lazy, so I never notice them until after my hair is partly dry. What I do if i spot a clump coming apart I rewet it, maybe add a tiny bit of gel and wrap it around my finger. Then I pull out my finger and scrunch the looped bit of hair and drop it gently. It usually clumps right up and stays curly. I guess it isn't quite twirling but that never worked for me. I would just get a clump of straight hair doing that

Wow...watching that video...makes me wonder if I should try some different techniques...I do mine sooo much different...I rake my product in upside...then smaters my its all together and then I end up with 3-4 big clumps of curls...then I plop for 30-45 b/c my hair is sooo wet from smaters...then pixie diffuse...but as previously stated…I will diffuse each section for 4-5mins straight...til that the section is completely dry then move to the next....with the video…I noticed she dose WAY more manipulation to her hair then I do...But I definitely don’t have as much curl as she 2b/c...with not root curl....oh and I clip my roots after plopping, while drying...she dose hers after diffusing...any other wavies style their hair like this???? Think Im gonna give this a try next time I wash..hmmm
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Shelly, I used to pixie diffuse until each section was dry as well when I started. My curls formed just fine and with little frizz but it seemed like it was plastered to my head. It looked fine, but I wanted WOW and this video did that for me. I get a lot more volume and plus the flipping allows the roots to fall more naturally (to me). And you know what, I am starting to suspect my hair is wavy... if I don't scrunch/plop/diffuse my hair does a lazy, barely wavy thing and if I let it dry in a bun it pretty much ends up straight. It's hair that doesn't know what it wants, lol.