I don't use heat but if I ever get the desire to I'll consider the two you recommended above. Your comment actually speaks to me, as right before starting my transition I noticed a chunk of short, broken hair (like 3inch long) and the culprit was indeed my iron and its corner edges which snagged on my hair. I was so upset when I saw a ton of strands hanging on there!

Anyway I asked because your pattern disrupts in certain areas, close to your ends. It looks like the heat might've affected certain areas a little so do be careful, good thing you're not doing so anymore! You have a lovely pattern, take care of it curlfriend Gorgeous eyes by the way!
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Thanks for the compliment!

Yes I use to cringe at the salon hearing my hair snag on the flat iron

Hmmm, not sure about the pattern disrupt. Actually after my BC I went straight into a sew in where I added hair in the back and the front was cornrowed and once I took that out I asked my stylist why my ends were straight and wondered if she left some relaxed hair when she chopped but she said no and the way she cut it there was no way she could have. So I'm not sure if that is actual damage or just stepchild ends to go with my stepchild edges lol. Once I take this sew in out (in about 6 weeks) I'll have my ends trimmed for the first time since my BC and then I'll have a clearer picture of my hair's personality. I'll probably do my 2nd trim 6 months later. I plan to wear a sewin for about a year to get some good length.
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