I think it would be nice if we had a thread on the main forum (where everyone hangs out anyways) about our daily gripes.

Yesterday I saw my cousin for the first time since going CG and within two minutes she said, "You hair looks so pretty. Did you get a perm or did you use a curling iron?"

Funny thing is I have the least uniform curl pattern ever. 2C-3B and anywhere from corkscrews to (mostly) big loopy curls and these random S-waves that change into spirals, Z-s, spirals again, then flick awkwardly so it kind of boggles my mind that I've gotten that question/assumption multiple times. Also I've worn my curly hair in the past. Do people not remember when my hair was shorter and it used to curl semi properly without the aid of CG? It's only once it was sufficiently long that it would frizz out and I'd have to straighten it.

Oh well. At least my lovely cousin didn't bat one eye or give me lip about not shampooing like some clueless straight-haired people do. Also she told me never to straighten it again and that it looks much better this way. I told her I wasn't planning on doing it anytime soon.

Last gripe--everyone touched my curls yesterday. I didn't mind so much because it was day 3 hair and I'm due to wash it but I do get a little annoyed at how people in one breath compliment me of my lack of frizz and then start dismantling a curl before my very eyes.
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