Hello curlies.
I have been through a billion bad hair days, whatever i do, they just wont look right. I have 3B hair, High Density, High Porosity, Coarse and Long hair. And it sucks! I never straighten or blowdry it! Today i tried using a diffuser, and it messed my hair up! it got all frizzy and poofy! And it's driving me nuts, that i NEVER have a good hairday anymore. Here is what i do, when i am in the bath, and a product list;

So, my conditioner changes alot, because my parents are divorced and i just use their conditioners, shampoo once a week.

But mostly it's conditioners that gives moisture and helps with breakage.

When i am in the bath:
1. I comb it with a wide tooth comb, starting from the buttom and going up, when i have conditioner in my hair.
2. i wash it out

but when i wash it out, and i, lets say, don't have my hair under water for about 10 seconds, it begins to frizz! And i hate it! I see all these curly hair toturials, where girls have perfectly frizz-free soft looking hair when it's wet, but mine looks disgusting and frizzes!

i use a hair mask from L'OREAL Elvital called "Antibreakage", once a week, i can't really see if it does any good or bad to my hair? so, yeah.

when i get out of the shower, i style it IMMEDIATLY to get as less frizz as possible, eventhough it always end up being frizzy... -.-

First i put my Toni&guy prep Leave in Conditioner in, and then i put Aussie Curl Definition + Soft feel serum in, and then i put in my MATAS Styling Creme, and my MATAS Styling serum in, and i let it air dry.

It ends up having some defined curls a very few places, but poofy and REALLY frizzy...

i just really want something, that will make my hair non frizzy, soft, and bouncy (and soft) curls (( right now my hair is the opposite!!

I never towel dry it.

What can i do? Is my hair unhealthy? How can i get it healthy? Which products should i use? But please not any products too expensive, i am 14, and i don't have a job, so yeah...