I'm going through pretty much the same thing!! But i've always had curly hair, even as a kid. when i was really young, my mom used to always do my hair in braids and stuff so people couldn't tell i had such curly hair. She also hates my curly hair and says i need to "do something with it" and "make it look nice" and stuff, and i hate it! i used to straighten my hair almost every day so she'd get off my back, and now i have frizzy hair with really bad split ends. it's gotten to the point where half of my hair doesn't eve ncurl unless i scrunch, roll, use a curling iron, etc. on it. I'm fairly new to this site as well, and have learned some great ideas about how to get my curly hair healthy and she doesn't support me at all in January i accidentally left my flat iron in Washington D.C. on a trip i went to and she got so mad!! It was horrible. She's also admitted to not liking my curly hair, and after months of no straightener and going curly all the time, I've finally told her that it doesn't matter what she thinks; it's my hair and my choices. Even though she makes me pay for my own curly hair products, she still understands that i need the freedom of doing my own hair the way I like it. (I'm 15 btw lol)
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Hang in there! Don't worry, once your hair is healthy and gorgeous everyone around you will appreciate it.
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