not 'go' that way.

Also, yes, the touching thing is startling - kind of oh, your hair looks nice, leaning in to destroy it! I've tried sometimes to explain to people that brushing/running fingers through/sleeping on hair can wreck curl definition and that seems to create huge suspicion!! I think straight haired people really think that definition etc is completely beyond our control/influence of outside factors. They seem to think you either have straight hair you should be brushing, or naturally perfectly defined curls that survive anything. I get that their hair doesn't go through comparable experiences, but still.

Sorry, this is a place to rant, right?
Originally Posted by lucyprimrose
Sure is. I don't think you could've put it better. Yes, I feel that way too. If I tell people not to touch my hair and that it will wreck its definition the immediate response I get is, "Oh, so it's not naturally like that?" Why, of course it is. Even if you were to muss my curls up somewhat I can typically resuscitate them with water and conditioner but why should I have to go to the trouble of fixing a mess that somebody's ignorance and imposition created!

Oh wow. I guess I was angrier than I thought.

Honestly though, touch it on the third day and pay me a compliment while doing so and I'm much more laidback.
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