I had a recent protein mishap & during the ensuing damage control regimen I thought everything was under control, enter aloe

My precious KCCC has aloe. I hadn't realized that during recovery my hair might not appreciate aloe & it did not

As soon as I applied it, the hair seized. I went to Sally's and got the GVP conditioning balm. Holy moley is that good stuff, and cheap too! Under 8$.

I also bought a bottle of Shea Moisture African Black Soap. Poo'd with the stuff & slathered in a good amount of the conditioning balm, & rinsed out. Scrunched in a bunch more after it dried. To my dismay, I woke up this morning to -0 curl.

I was at a loss as to what to do this morning. Afraid to try any products with protein. I washed with Loreal Evercreme, and used TJTTT RO. Still no curl but my hair felt like it was back to normal. I ended up using KCCC & BANG!....curls are back!!!!

So there's a moral to this story. (YMMV depending on your hair's properties) When I used KCCC before my hair had fully recovered from protein overload, the aloe in KCCC made my hair act similarly to protein.

Once well hydrated with DC tx, my hair not only was able to handle the KCCC, but needed it to develop it's curl again.

I'll likely continue with the protein free products and use products with Aloe instead as it seems my hair bounces back from the latter easier, especially with the use of the conditioning balm.
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Thanks for the info.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.