Sure I'd do him.

. . . Oh wait? What was the question again?
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Oh well. More for me!

Bobby, it would depend on the man and how unfortunate-fortunate he'd look. Not everybody looks good with hair outside their natural texture so it's a tossup. One man could get a perm and look ridiculous in which case I'd pay him more for compensation. One man could rock those curls. Bradley doesn't look bad with curls from the side there. . . If I were a male actor though who wears his hair shortly cropped, I'd perm my hair for the role. They wouldn't have to pay me that much extra. There's not much risk there outside the chemicals but seeing as how it's not as if I (said hypothetical actor) permed my hair regularly, the one time shouldn't kill me.

EDIT--Thought I should add men with natural curls are the sexiest things ever as they were designed to rock them.
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You are right about that, men with "natural" curls were designed to rock them! That said, as a guy that has them, I say no way. Though since I didn't do it back in the day, I might be intrigued enough to try it. Then better judgement kicks in.