I purchased the Afroveda Shikakai oil during black friday. I absolutely love it but it's very expensive so I would only purchase during a sale.

This was my first time buying from this company. I was hesitant because of what happened but took a chance. I won't purchase any other items though because my hair hates silicones and I'm not paying money to perhaps have my hair dried out. I'm not saying I don't wish her well but she charges too much for me not to be completely comfortable with what I'm buying. Also keep in mind some people who have gone natural since three years ago may not have heard about the controversy. Actually, I have an aunt who posted on FB that she just discovered SM last week and look at how long that's been around.
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FYI Komaza's hair oil is much better than Afroveda. At least you know that are real herbs in the Komaza oil. The last time I got oil from Afroveda, it looked just like plain jojoba oil. Also njoicreations on etsy has an ayurvedic oil.