Yeah, she is mentally unstable (the suicide attempts, the hit and run and resulting conspiracy, all the abusive relationships, etc). But motherhood seems to agree w/ her so I would say having another baby is a great idea. However, why is he having it w/ a French guy? (This round of) her legals troubles stem from the fact she wanted to bring her 5 y/o to France to live w/ her boyfriend. But baby daddy #1 who's Canadian/American wants her to stay here so he can see his daughter. And rightfully so. But HB gets pregnant w/ this french guy's baby, knowing both baby daddies live on separate continent and both will want their kids nearby. How is she going to accommodate that? Soon, the kids will be in school and need one main place of residence.

So this article seems to be saying she is actully pregnant. Other articles have been more vague, implying a surrogate was involved.

Other than John travolta's wife, this is the oldest celebrity pregnancy i've heard of. Wait, did Sarah Jessica Parker carry her babies or did she use a surrogate?
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If this relationship doesnt work out, just more drama in her life. And while some people may seem to have lots of bad relationships, she seems to pick the worst men. being abusive or cheaters. a few she has gotten protective orders against I believe. I think she should try being single.