Before (notice the top is in a barrette and still fluffy and undefined!). After (about 3 months CG), then after a DIY haircut (3 mos CG).

Before: Undefined, frizzy mess. If I wore it down, I had to put it in a barrette on top. Yuck!

3 mos CG:

3 mos CG, after DIY haircut:
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That is such a great DIY cut Gorgeous curls
3a with some 2a-2c, Medium/Low Porosity
Co-wash:deva no-poo/Vo5 kiwi
Leave-in:Shea Moisture/GVP conditioning Balm/AOHSR

Since long hair- I finger twist in big chunks, which helps till 5th day hair
Gel:LA sports
Plop: Old T-shirt for 15 minutes ,diffuse