Just thought I'd add my two pennys worth about Keratin treatments.

I stopped relaxing in 2010 and decided to go au natural. Styling was becoming tough and I decided to get the Coppolla Keratin treatment done whilst I was transitioning. It looked great at first, and although i was blowing and flat ironing my hair every week I was still retaining length which was an absolute first!!

The salon then stopped doing the treatments and I tried lots of others all with the same great smooth results although I noticed my hair seemed to be getting finer and was starting to shedd like mad!!! I was getting the treatments done every three months. My hair got to the point where I started wearing clip in extentions to make it thicker. I was also noticing that my hair was getting dryer and breaking off.

My last KT was December and the roots are back to their thick curly self but a lot of the ends are straight and won't even curl, my roots are 3c and the keratin bits are 3a!! I'm mad at myself for getting carried away with the KT as I am now back at square one. So if your thinking of doing one please bear the above in mind, as they could take away your precious curls. They do say the Keratin will wash out but I think once you've overloaded it too much you'd have to grow it out again

Any way hope this post is usefull to somebody