My first day with sulfate free products.

Coated ends with Vo5 kiwi, then used SM Curl & Shine shampoo on scalp. Raked in V05 kiwi, scrunched upside down, then rinsed and combed out. Then scrunched in some Suave Naturals coconut condish for the rest of my shower and rinsed just a tad out, not all of it.

Plopped for a bit but it didn't last even 10 minutes as my "plop" started coming down, lol. Tried a little bit of the pixie curl diffusing method but started to run out of time so just diffused until about 80% dry.

Top came out very frizzy, but I pulled it up in the pics to show the underneath which was not frizzy and had some clumps. Wonder why the canopy is so frizzy?
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