Camille Rose Moisture Milk-this made my hair really soft and gave amazing slip.

CJ Curl Assurance Cleansing Shampoo-left my hair clean and not stripped. Will probably alternate this with my mud wash. Still need to try the Daily Fix to see if that works any better.

Blue Ecostyler + CJ Curl Queen-My W&G turned out really nice. Curls were well defined and only had a slight crunch. Will probably using this combo a lot this summer.


CJ Pattern Pusha-this stuff did nothing to my hair. It didn't even clump or define my curls. I started to use it in the back of my hair and had to stop because my hair was frizzing up like crazy. It kinda reminded me of the Pink Ecostyler Gel that my hair hates for W&G's but loves for a twist out. Will try it again for twist outs and if that doesn't work off to the swap boards.
Last texturizer-9/18/08