I don't think my mom had any issues with me having wavy hair per se, but ever since I was a child, she would always blow dry it straight, except when she starting curling my bangs with a round brush while drying them. She started doing that because she used to cut my bangs and made them too short one time, and thought that curling them would make them look better. I'm so upset with how ugly my hair looked at the time (4th-5th grade) that I haven't had bangs since. Oh yeah, I also had this one part of my hair on the right side of my head that was hopelessly frizzy, which didn't calm down until well into my teen years, as far as I can remember.

Once I got old enough to start doing my own hair, I always blow dried it as well, usually making it appear straight since I put a brush to it. My reason for always heat styling is because my mom had this idea that I would get sick if I left my hair wet for too long. It would often look frizzy, even when I tried using different brushes or styling products; I suppose I just did not know how to properly select/use them. I also used to use a flat iron sometimes, but it was a kinda cheap Conair iron that fortunately I don't think did much damage to my hair. I still have it but I prefer my Chloché for when I choose to flat iron.

I didn't really stop heat styling my hair until my senior year of high school, just because I was suddenly so busy that I didn't really have time to do my hair. I often leave my hair natural nowadays, but I still am not fully sure of what kinds of products I should use to achieve a desired look and to keep my hair looking its best.
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