For me it's when I'm overdue for a haircut (as has been the case for quite a while now!), or since I style my hair at night, the way I sleep on it plays the biggest role in how it ends up looking. Every morning it is kind of a surprise to see how my hair looks, since I have no control over the tossing and turning I might do in my sleep lol.

I apply quite a bit of gel at night too, to form some sort of cast and hopefully preserve my curls! Sleeping on it gets out the crunch, and I don't have a problem with frizz this way either.

I think we're all toughest on our own hair though I've been frustrated with my hair most days recently (again, going back to being overdue for a cut lol), but I've had a couple clients compliment me on it so I guess it must not look as bad as it does in my eyes.