Dusalocks, sorry for the delay, I don't get notifications of people responding to my post, how frustrating. Well, now that I think about it, maybe that's why I like the SS brand so much b/c of the protein. My only complaint now is that she changed the scent and I can't stand it anymore. The CEJ worked well on my hair and her protein treatment has been my favorite so far.
I wanted to thank you for this thread, I've been CG for over a year, with decent improvement but I underestimated my porosity. I figured since I stopped dying my hair that it should be normal to low porosity. So my top layer is dry and not well defined, almost 2A. I look back at baby/kid pictures and I had spirals. I'm hoping to get that back one day. I'm glad that there's others that are naturally porous. It sucks but I guess the universe wants to make its little challenging for us. I need to be patient and start getting more protein into my hair.
2a/b, thick/coarse, high porosity