@ op : my hair is like yours in the front and the nape, very loose. it gets looser the more it grows too. i never apply heat so i have no heat damage. i have straight pieces also! its the texture of my hair. the middle is tighter curled/coiled.
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Cool! I have yet to see anyone who has hair like mine, even if the curl pattern is similar their hair is maybe a little coarser/more textured, or less cottony than mine, or at least the pictures make it seem that way. I'm not sure if the curls in the front are looser because they just are or if they are because of the weight of the hair. One of my stylists thinks it is the weight of the hair in the front. I guess I'll know as the rest begins to grow overall . Yes those straight ends are what they are lol, kinda make me want to chop where the curl pattern stops. Post a pic of your hair I wanna see!
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