Instead of glueing an entire scalp on a round ball, which might be difficult, just cut a narrow strip of fabric the will be the "part". Place your yarn perpendicularly across it and sew down the part. Then glue the part to the ball where ever you want it. Then put the yarn/hair back and form into a small bun and put glue on the back of it and pin in place. Bobby pins will stick into the ball.

Just my 2 cents worth
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This, too, is a great idea. That was kinda more what I was thinking initially.

I'm buying the tube socks tonight; either way, I will need one for her body. So I can see if she looks crazy w/ a sock for skin on her face and head.

I was going to paint on ips w/ light pink nail polish...and that would def be easier to do in the styro, rather than the socks.

It helps so much to talk these difficult decisions thru!

I'm using "Harriet Oleson" from Little House on the Prairie as my inspiration.