I've been CG for just over a month now. It has helped so much but I still have some problems and questions.

So my routine has been to shampoo and condition with silicone free products. Before washing, I'll do a deep condition with honey and olive oil because my hair was so dry and old(I haven't had a haircut for about 3 years). After I just put some coconut oil on my hair to keep down frizz and define the curls more. Lately I've started scrunching.

Now to the problems and questions...

I tried co-washing around the beginning of March but it wasn't really working. Firstly, it was difficult to actually reach my scalp to rub the conditioner in. This is understandable because I have quite a lot of hair. I've no doubt that with practice it will get easier. My scalp seemed gunky and had white stuff but it didn't seems like dandruff. The main problem was that it wasn't removing the oil from my hair. Yesterday I tried co-washing again and as I was washing I could feel the oil and it wouldn't come out.

Many curlies use a gel in their hair so I've decided to try them out. I bought a VO5 styling gel and a Garnier Fructis gel. Both are silicone free. Now I've never used a gel so here's my question.

How am I meant to use it? I gather that I use it in place of the coconut oil to set my curls. But how do I actually apply the gel? How much do I use. It's hard to scrunch my hair because it's so long (Just past my bum). If I use a gel instead of coconut oil will this mean that co washing will be easier as there wont be much oil to wash out?

I probably had more questions but during the time that I've been writing this I've most likely forgotten them.

If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated
This is my prayer. That I'll die living just as free as my hair.