I kinda pixie when I use Meza's method, too, holding each section for a count of 10. It worked well.

Here are a couple of shots from this morning. It's frizzier now; hasn't held up as well as I'd like, but I think that's due to the crazy weather we're having: 60 one day, 82 the next.

Attachment 34237

Attachment 34238

I wish I had been smart enough to take a pic yesterday, so you could see the difference. What I learned from seeing these pics - one, I am WAY overdue for a cut. Hello, triangle head! And two, my grays are more unruly than I thought. Sheesh.

This experiment has been so fun, I may do it again tomorrow with different products again. Three times in one week would be a record for me!
Originally Posted by Rustina
Yes!! Meza and Pixie mashup is how I would describe it. It looks awesome, lots of definition and volume! And plus with lots of volume a little frizz isn't going to ruin the style. I think it adds to it, personally
But then I love big hair.
I think my next experiment will be to try for smooth waves so I can switch things up... I am going to try to wait til end of the week. But if keep coming here I will end up just like you Rustina, styling and restyling ever day LOL. Must. Stop. Obsessing.