Then last week another lady who works there commented on my hair and said "your hair naturally does that right? It must be so easy just being able to roll out of bed in the morning and be ready to go!" All I could respond with was "um... It definitely isn't that easy" and was really tempted to give her a break down of my entire curly process.... If only she knew!
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this must be a common misconception among straighties. A couple of months ago I had to go into work early, and when I got there my hair was still drying and clipped at the roots. I passed another coworker in the hall (there were only a few of us there at that hour) and she said, "You know you have clips in your hair, right?" And I told her yes, that my hair wasn't quite dry enough to take them out. She asked what they were for, and when I told her, she said, "Oh, I'm glad to know it doesn't just look perfect on its own every day!" And I was flattered that she thinks my hair looks perfect, and also perplexed that she thought it didn't take any work to get it to look how it does. I think people with straight hair really think there's no effort involved at all, which is a teeny bit annoying but also kind of cute. Let 'em be jealous of my "effortless" hair, lol!

Dusalocks and Jas, I think we're hair triplets! Waves? Check. One side that waves at the roots and then spirals at the ends? Check. A bunch of random 3A bits? Check. A whole lotta 3B bits, mostly underneath where no one but me knows they're there? Check!
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