YES, its frustrating, Jas. I have considered some oil, small amounts like you said...I have some baby oil here, will that be OK? trick, my CO turns to liquid in the warm weather - it is the cosmetic type - but it is solid right now . I suppose I could melt some and use a bit of that. Jessie, I have thought about the glycerin in CK; and have never figured out the glycerin bit, although I have stayed away from it until the CK. Its not in the top ingredients, in any case...I think for a lot of curlies, CK by itself is not enough, and this may be the case when it is rainy and humid. In any case, I took Dusa's suggestion today and slathered on some AVG in the shower after the LI and before CK.. Will see how that goes. The issue with ACV is it kind of "strips" my hair, in other words, I think it removes the moisturizing effects of my SN and CH shampoos...but I can try that again also. I kknow one thing for certain: adding water back into my hair after it has been styled and dried result always in frizz.