My hair is technically of normal porosity but I treat it as low. Because of its extreme coarseness, it acts like low and things do not penetrate, hard to wet, hard to treat, etc.

I get Komaza on the ground from a local boutique but I'm in Montreal. I think most people order it from their site. Komaza was just an example, it's pricey (even more with shipping) so I'm not necessarily rec'ing it but it works very well for my hair properties.

My hair is about APL...I use it after my LI (which is my conditioner) and that's pretty much I all I do. Condish on dampish hair followed by Komaza. I find that with low porosity it's important to not overload the hair. There is only so much it can absorb (at once) and using 4 products is just wasting money and annoying your strands because they cannot absorb it all. I narrow it down to the essentials - one moisturizer and one sealant. I don't use very much Komaza...I use a pea-ish sized amount for a small section, which I then braid up as I'm transitioning.