Dear Friend,

I understand that you're wounded because I've stopped communicating with you. I want to say it's nothing personal, but I'm afraid it is: professional envy. You dropped your main client and reclaimed old clients in a heartbeat; when you left, I lost your agency's business and am once more struggling to obtain new clients.
At best, this is tiresome; at worst, it's a real *itch financially.

I wish I could find a way around this so we could maintain our usual reparte, but I can't. I'm happy for you, though sad for me. I do wish you the best, and things could change in the future (for the better, for me.). I need to focus on making that happen, though, and hearing about your easy success somehow deflates my drive. Telling me how you network, etc. doesn't help. Believe me, I do everything I can think of to generate business.

So, your message today about my "mood" didn't rub me the right way. I've told you I'll be in touch and I will......when I'm ready. Until then, I've politely withdrawn. Please respect that.


Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.