SG - I never said anything rude to Curlyminx and I've always backed her up in her tough situations. I also did not comment on her not showering bc of her recent happening, I commented on those who have a habit of not showering. And frankly, if I were Curlyminx, I wouldn't appreciate you continually talking about my hygiene during a depressive state repeatedly just to try and rile up another member. Especially when said member didn't call anyone out personally.

If you feel the need to point fingers at me, or if it makes you feel better to use me as your scapegoat right now, thats fine, but kindly leave Curlyminx out of it bc this isnt about her, and its really unfair.

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Originally Posted by iroc
Honey, you're not a scapegoat by any means of the imagination.

I'm not going to argue this point any further and honor your request to leave minxy out of it. But just note that I wasn't the only one who noticed the comments you made and linked it to minxy as well as to others. So check your behavior and notice the passive aggressive tendencies in there. M'kay?
Originally Posted by SunshineGrrl
I made the first post after Murr quoted mine, so that was directed to her. I quoted a few other people and responded to them, as well so I don't know how its assumed I was directing it at someone, when I quoted Murr, and Nej.

Either way, I would certainly not do something like that to anyone going through a difficult time. Regardless of how someone, or some people want to twist my words or intentions around. Not exactly the first time thats been done here.

For the record, you can't possibly tell someone that something is 'none of their business' when the information was presented on a message board. Thats not exactly keeping it private.

I'm glad you notice I have an attitude. I recently stopped holding back bc I'm sick of everyone else giving attitude and me sitting back and taking it. Keep in mind, I'd never be rude to someone unless they were rude first. Period.

And you can't brag about showering. You just can't.

I'm off to do my dishes now.

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Originally Posted by iroc

I quoted you because I felt that you chose the wrong time to talk about "please tell me "not showering" means taking baths instead", so I wanted to deflect it.

it was a joke, I make a lot of jokes, if you can't tell. I do take showers, I was being "dramatic".

Your statements, are very clear what you were saying, believe it or not, this ain't Ripley's.

You were throwing shade, everyone caught it but you.
You don't say examples like that, with out throwing shade.

state farm, can I get a sarcasm meter