I have mentioned this here before...

I watched my friends daughter go to a specific FB page and post pic's of herself. Person after person continued to tell her how ugly she was. She was fat, her hair was stringy, her glasses made her look stupid, but she had nice **** sucking lips and they might sleep with her, if they had to. She would in turn take their comments to heart, change things, and post another pic. They would rip her apart again. This went on for days.

Girl after young lady (12-17 I would guess) did this. I... it's one of the strangest things I have ever witnessed. Why do that to yourself, for a bunch of a**holes? I tried to talk to her, but it did no good. She was used to it. It was the norm for her.

I have always wanted kids, but when I see stuff like this I am glad life has had other plans so far. I can see why more and more people are pulling their children out of public schools. I am not sure that is the best option either. Idk.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??